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Please stop searching for your quest to end your pain. Go directly to Doctors Murrary and Snyder. It could take one visit or a few to relieve your pain. They are highly experienced and will do all they can for you. They listen to your every complaint. They are truly caring and kind. If you are taking meds, you may be able to stop them. I have Piriformis syndrome which is extremely painful. I could hardly walk and couldn't stand up straight. I couldn't do much of anything and it was close to Thanksgiving and i didn't know how i was going to clean and cook for a dozen ppl. Dr. Murray took me from all that to being able to function again and i got through Thanksgiving and Christmas. This condition is very hard to cure so i need more treatment but i have made so much improvement which i am extremely grateful for. She also sent me to an Otho for a check up and to get an MRI. She is an exceptional Chiro doc. Do yourself a huge favor and visit this great office..which is beautiful as well..very relaxing. I really can't say enough about this wonderful place. 

~Pattie C.
PSL, Fl..age 67.

Due to many years of long distance driving, I have received chiropractic care to help ease the pain from sitting for extended periods of time. After several hours of driving, I have pain in my hips, back and especially the neck and shoulder area.  When my previous chiropractor retired, Dr. Murray took over his practice.  I was a little apprehensive after being with the other chiropractor for several years.  Well...I didn't need to worry at all.  Dr. Murray took the time to listen to my needs as we reviewed my past history.  In fact, she came up with a more gentle approach to my adjustments.  The change really seems to help.  Dr. Murray is not the type of chiropractor where 'one size fits all'.  You are not rushed in and out of her office. She will create a program for each individual based on what is best for them.  I believe her goal is the same for all patients -  to help them stay active and function on a day to day basis, while easing or alleviating their pain.  I am quite happy with Dr. Murray and appreciate the quality time I get with her.  I have already recommended her to several people that I know.

~Nancy M.

Dr. Tara Murray, I wanted to say Thank you. When I called you I had been in pain for over 4 weeks, I couldn't turn my head to back out of my driveway and with all the laying around in pain I even think I gained a little more weight that I didn't need. I went home feeling better and now after 3 days I feel like I never even had a problem. I didn't recall doing anything, just woke up that way one morning. If anyone needs a Chiropractor call Oasis Chiropractic @ 772-336-8600 Dr. Tara Murray she is awesome. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

~Irene H. 

Dr. Murray is knowledgable, professional and caring.....I feel better already!

~Whitney G. 

Dr Murray makes your back feel so good! Try it out, you'll see for yourself!

~Donna L.